How to quit smoking.

The reason that smoking is such a hard habit to break is the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance. Most smokers have found that quit smoking tips like using nicotine aids or relying on sheer will power will not get the job done. It takes a complete overhaul of your thought processes to convince yourself that you don’t need that next cigarette. The Quit Smoking Today program offers just such a technique.

The founder of the program, Rob Mellor, believes that the best way to quit smoking cigarettes is to use a form of psychotherapy known as neuro-linguistic programming. He has perfected this technique and tested it on more than 5000 smokers. His results have been compelling with more than 97% of his test subjects kicking the habit for six months or more. None of the subjects in his study used other types of quit smoking aids like gum, patches or medication.

The benefits of quitting smoking are far reaching. According to Mellor, within 20 minutes of kicking the habit, your blood pressure will return to normal. Carbon monoxide levels return to normal within eight hours. Your circulation improves after two months and your chance of a heart attack is cut in half after one year. Your risk of heart attack and stroke will match a non-smoker once you have been nicotine free for 10 years or more.


  • Decide positively that you want to quit. Try to avoid negative thoughts about how difficult it might be.
  • List all the reasons you want to quit. Every night before going to bed, repeat one of the reasons 10 times.
  • Develop strong personal reasons in addition to your health and obligations to others. For example, think of all the time you waste taking cigarette breaks, rushing out to buy a pack, hunting for a light, etc.
  • Begin to condition yourself physically: Start a modest exercise program; drink more fluids; get plenty of rest; and avoid fatigue.
  • Set a target date for quitting – perhaps a special day such as your birthday, your anniversary, or the Great American Smokeout. If you smoke heavily at work, quit during your vacation so that you’re already committed to quitting when you return. Make the date sacred, and don’t let anything change it. This will make it easy for you to keep track of the day you became a nonsmoker and to celebrate that date every year.

Palacios inspired by tragedy

palacios inspired by tragedy

palacios inspired by tragedy

A family tragedy will inspire Honduras midfielder Wilson Palacios when he confronts Chile tomorrow in their 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Group H Nelspruit showdown.

Younger brother Edwin was kidnapped in the Central American country three years ago and although a ransom was paid, his body was discovered in a remote rural area. “Everything I do in football is for Edwin. He is watching over me,” Palacios told Honduran reporters as the country prepares for only their second appearance at the four-yearly football spectacle.

In a squad containing 14 local semi-professionals, Wigan defender Maynor Figueroa and midfielder Hendry Thomas are other English Premiership representatives. Midfielders Edgar Alvarez and Julio de Leon and striker David Suazo play in Italy, although the latter is a doubtful starter for the match at the 42,000-seat Mbombela Stadium in the north-east city.

Honduras proved a tough nut to crack in Spain 28 years ago, drawing twice and losing the other group game by a single goal, and this offer hope to Colombian-born coach Reinaldo Rueda. “Chile play a different brand of football to most countries and you have to be very intelligent to match them,” is the warning he drills into a team prone to defensive lapses.

Chile play a different brand of football to most countries and you have to be very intelligent to match them.

Chile coach Reinaldo Rueda

Since defeating Yugoslavia to finish third as hosts of the 1962 tournament, Chile have played 13 matches in four appearances without celebrating a victory. But hopes are high that a team which finished second behind Brazil in the qualifying competition for South Africa can not only defeat Honduras, but reach the second round.

The Chilean schedule suggests they will face increasingly tougher opposition with Honduras followed by European rivals Switzerland and FIFA World Cup favourites Spain. This is a young, hungry Chilean outfit lacking household international names that has already impressed in South Africa, defeating the host nation more convincingly than a 2-0 scoreline suggests in a friendly last year.

Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa, whose El Loco nickname hardly does him justice, favours a 3-3-1-3 system with the team swarming about the field like bees, trying to unsettle rivals. Bielsa is desperate for success after failing to take his homeland beyond the first round at the 2002 FIFA World Cup with Argentina losing to England and held by Sweden.

Famous for thorough preparations, he spends hours studying videos of his own team and opponents, looking for that one chink in the armour that could tilt the balance. While Bielsa has become a national hero in his adopted country with an offer of citizenship, he quickly passes credit to a squad captained by Spain-based goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

“This team got to South Africa on its own. I did not take them there, rather I am going there with them,” he told Chilean journalists regularly subjected to multi-hour news conferences as the coach answers every question.

May 24th ,Day 2,Round 1 Men’s Singles ,

May 24th ,Day 2,Round 1 Men’s Singles ,French Open 2010:=>Roger Federer(SUI)[1] defeated Peter Luczak(AUS)6-4 6-1 6-2

#idubbaMUV : Watch Vinay Pathak ,Tom Alt

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B.O. update: ‘Kites’ takes fantastic start, but reports negative

KitesThe much-hyped KITES opened to a fantastic response across India on Friday. The film has had a really wide release and with 25 to 30 + shows every day across major plexes, the Day 1 figures will be humungous. However, the reports of the film are extremely mixed, tilting more towards the negative side. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if the film stands firmly from Monday onwards.

The advance bookings and block bookings at various screens will ensure a good Saturday and Sunday, but the real test will begin from Monday onwards for this heavily-priced film.